Think about the surface before you bet, grass is a difficult surface for many players…


Sports betting fans of an older vintage will be able to remember back to the 1980s where one of the greatest tennis players of that era was Ivan Lendl. Lendl was a tremendous player who won many honours throughout his career but one that always eluded him was the Wimbledon tournament and a lot of this can be put down to the fact that he was not too comfortable on grass.

Of all the tennis court surfaces, a number of players have difficulty in playing on grass and this may be because they did not practice on it t all when they were developing their kills. It is easier to maintain tennis courts of different surfaces so there could be a scarcity of grass tennis courts for many players and this has affected the ability of many great tennis players to play and win on grass surface.

Check the players record on a surface

A great way to examine the success rate of a player on a particular surface is to look back at the historical records and see what their track record is. There has to be an acceptance that their skill levels may have changed or they may have faced harder opponents in previous years so a history is not always the best indication of future outcomes but it will allow a sports punter to make a better judgment on any upcoming tournament. The impact of the tennis surface can be under-estimated and is easily one of the biggest deciding factors in any tennis betting option.

Know more than the bookmakers (important as always…)

Of course, the bookmakers are aware of this and will usually be able to adjust their odds accordingly but there are occasions where they do not keep up to date as much as they should have done. It may well be that a player who had a poor history on a surface like clay makes a conscious decision to improve their skills and trains regularly on it. This will not be available in the past history and records of a tennis player but by reading tennis articles and keeping up to date with sports news and gossip, a betting fan would be able to glean this sort of information and make their own bet accordingly.

These are the tricks of the trade that many of the betting community are happy to follow in order to gain any slight advantage that they can over a bookmaker. With the bookmaker having so much of the knowledge and information on their side, anything which can even it out is to be encouraged and this is where knowledge about a player reaction on certain court surfaces can have a major impact on the success of a punter.

Of course, with court conditions being an influence on the outcome of the matches, it is also possible that the weather will affect the court condition so this has to be factored into any decision making process. At Wimbledon, it is noticeable that when it rains the games are postponed but on other open air court surfaces, the rain or wind can cause the surface to change its condition and this may affect the bounce and spin of the ball. Being aware of the differences in tennis court conditions will enable any sports betting fan to get a head start on their betting activities.